Mannequin Revolution: Sells, Repairs, Alters, Paints, Hire and Manufactured Mannequin

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Mannequin Revolution has been manufacturing, repairing and selling mannequins since 1989 for local and interstate markets. We offer the highest quality products with great customer service at reasonable prices - which is why our satisfied and loyal customers keep coming back. We stock and manufacture a vast array of different mannequins including: children mannequins, female and male, headless, mannequin heads, with wigs, torso, adjustable, painted (with make-up), and realistic or abstract mannequins. To repair or hire mannequin , call us at +613 9427 9377, or send a fax to +613 9421 1179. Alternatively you may leave a message by filling out our online form at our 'Contact Us' page or simply pop into our Factory Outlet at

Mannequin Revolution 3-5 Jessie Street, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia